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For an application, please call 620.723.2131
VISA Debit Card
Use your debit card anywhere that VISA is accepted to make purchasing fast and easy. Whether you shop in person, online or by telephone, the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your checking account. Debit cards are fast and easy and may also be used to obtain cash at Automatic Teller Machines throughout the world.
ATM transactions are subject to pass-through charges from other financial institutions when processed at ATM's not owned by Greensburg State Bank. Such fees must be disclosed before the transaction may be completed.
If your card is lost or stolen call 620.723.2131 during business hours or 620.723.2940 after hours.
For an application, please call 620.723.2131
Online Banking is a fast, FREE, easy way to access information about your acounts when it's convenient for you. With Online Banking you can:
  1. Check your balance.
  2. View transaction history.
  3. Transfer funds between accounts.
  4. View your loans and make loan payments

Please contact a customer service representative at Greensburg State Bank for additional information.
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